Thermocool is a new technology from Advansa. It's a smart fibre with extraordinary termoregulating properties. It's a hybrid of two fibres - one is hollow for thermobuffering capabilities and one is channeled for easy moisture transportation.

In effect it has unique properties.

* high heat isolation protecting human body against cold in low activity conditions,
* moisture is transported to surface easily, skin is drier and body doesn't cool too much,
* on the other hand, in high activity conditions easy moisture transportation means immediate cooling effect.

Although synthetic - for customers concerned with ecology it may be produced from renewable resources.

Low activity conditions

In low activity skin doesn't evaporate much moisture. Fabric made of Thermocool stays dry, keeps the heat near the skin. Heat dissipation is low becouse there is no energy carrier.

High activity conditions

In high activity conditions body needs to cool and perspires. Becouse of capilar fabrics having large surface moisture is easily transported outside and evaporates. Evaporation takes heat from the body.